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Most websites don’t mind charging their visitors for using their services. We do mind. We don’t perform personal readings or offer any type of astrological software solutions. The only thing you will find on is free horoscopes. A free horoscope is not necessarily less correct than the ones that you pay for. In our line of work, there are a lot of less righteous players on the field – and that makes us all suffer. However – we ate are in it to win it – and our approach is geniune and without ill intensions. We offer free horoscopes – and that’s it, folks!

Click here to find your star sign or continue to the menu and read your favorite horoscope – whether it be daily, weekly or monthly. We want to advice everybody not to fall into the traps of computer generated personal readings. Sadly, this has become a major industry within astrology – but it is based on bogus algorhytmics and greed. We have conducted our own analysis and we concluded that the personal readings are produced from templates in a split second, and then forwarded to your email or mail box – and this for an absolutely redicilous price. Keep the world of astrology clean and only seek out personal readings with authorized astrologers or stick to reading free horoscopes here.

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