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Star sign: Aquarius

Element: Air. Ruling planet: Uranus.
Characteristics: Generous, dedicated, visionary, communicative and social.

Aquarius, you are so generous when it comes to your time and personal resources that you are likely to receive a medal or some other kind of honourable appreciation of your hard work and the difference you have made for other human beings in this world. A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet, isn’t it Aquarius? You are probably involved in politics or volunteer work and employed as a teacher, nurse, social worker, psychologist or anything involving helping other people really. Although you are not driven by emotions, as much as intellect, you might struggle not to get too personally involved at times, because you really are sincerely concerned with others.

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are likely to have lifelong friendships. You are drawn to quirky people that stand out from the crowd just like you do. That being said you are great at networking and will make friends with just about anyone. You always look for the best in all everyone and you are never one to judge. ‘Live and let live’ seems to be your motto. Your eccentric, spontaneous and experimental nature makes you a fun friend to be around. You will always accept a challenge and like to try new things (including food). The rebel in you will tell you to try everything at least once. Fun and change is what you get your energy-kick from. You love to make people laugh and don’t care what others think, but your sarcastic humour is not for everyone!

In a romantic relationship you will look for someone who meets your communicative needs more than anything else. You can be a bit of a handful, as you will get really stubborn at times and like to have it your way, just for the sake of it, even if you know you are not right. Despite being very social you need time to yourself as well to unwind. Meditation will be very beneficial for you and help you feel grounded and at the same time part of something bigger.

Good traits: You are witty and highly intelligent. Probably a first-mover when it comes to fashion and gadgets and it wouldn’t be surprising if an Aquarius invented the next great app that makes life easier for a lot of people. Being tolerant and extremely patient with most people makes you a great friend and helper in the broadest sense of the word.

Less good traits: You are not big on planning, so you might want to get yourself a personal assistant. Unfortunately Aquarius-born are prone to depression. If you don’t feel appreciated – especially in the workplace – you will get furious or potentially feel dark and numb. You have a very outspoken need to feel appreciated and be the object of someone’s affection. Look out for energy-leeches!