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Star sign: Aries

Element: Fire. Ruling planet: Mars.
Characteristics: Courageous, energetic, commanding, strong willpower. Likes to lead, however sometimes being led is not all that bad Aries!

Being the most energetic, impulsive and curious of all the signs makes it hard for others to keep up with you Aries. You like being the best – at everything! You simply cannot turn down a challenge. Whether it being in sports, at work, or any other part of life, you are a fighter and if there’s a chance of winning a price or proving to others that you are the best, you will find it very hard to claim defeated. Although you have a strong sense of justice and always seek it, some might find your commanding nature a bit much. Be careful not to scare potential friends and partners off with your competitive nature.

You are a natural born leader and people tend to listen when you speak. Being in charge makes you feel alive and you hate nothing more than being told what to do by others. Especially if that other person is less qualified for the job and less talented than you. And they often are, right Aries? Have a little patience. They might prove you wrong, if you give them a chance.

Although you have a bit of a temper you always mean good. Like the fire sign that you are ‘warm’, ‘light’ and ‘vibrant’ are some of the best words to describe you. Deep down inside you just want everyone around you to be happy and there is nothing you weigh higher than to protect your loved ones. You are the first to apologise and do anything you can to correct the mistake if you realise that you were in the wrong (yes, there is a first for everything) and might have hurt someone’s feelings. You are not likely to mope and people who are feeling sorry for themselves are not your cup of tea.

Good traits: Your high level of energy and very positive and caring nature. The ability to focus on the detail while keeping an eye on the whole, even when things get heated, is a true gift. You love discovering new things and places and you are very innovative and enterprising. Aries, you are a true hedonist in the best meaning of the word.

Less good traits: You can come off a bit smug sometimes. Some people might even call you arrogant, impatient, and stubborn. Especially if you don’t have your ways or get acknowledged for your hard work, you can be plain rude.