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Star sign: Cancer

Element: Water. Ruling planet: Moon.
Characteristics: Emotional, seeks security and peace of mind, family and group-oriented.

Your ever-changing nature makes you the least predictable of all the signs. You will seem genuinely happy

and be laughing one minute and then turn cranky and irritable the next. Your mood swings can be

compared to the turbulence of the shifting tides, which makes perfect sense as you are ruled by the moon

and have water as your element. It doesn’t really seem to bother you though. Most of the time you get

away with it too, because showing affection and empathy towards others are some of your prime

personality traits. One outweighs the other.

Just like the crab that represents your sign you tend to be hard on the outside, but a real softy on the

inside. And you don’t mind walking sideways to get what you want and preferably avoid confrontation on

the way. The hard shell you show is just a way of protecting yourself from getting hurt. It takes a while to

let people past it however once you trust them and they do break through, they will live in your heart

forever. Nothing is more important to you than family and friends. Taking care of others is very important

to you and your happiness depends on it. Your sense of self-worth is strongly connected to feeling needed.

Being a water sign you are drawn to the mysterious deep and seeking the unknown. Like the sounds of soft

rain on a roof or breaking waves you can be very gentle and soothing to your surroundings, when needs to

be. And with your great intuitive skills – almost psychic at times – you know when that is!

Good traits: Brave and protective. Loyal friend. Cancerians grab on to something they like and never let go.

Most people born under the sign of Cancer have a strong memory and intuition and are not easily

deceived. Your honesty will scare some, but be highly appreciated by those who truly know you and

understand that you always mean well.

Less good traits: Unpredictable. Your mood swings can be hard for others to handle. It often causes

misunderstandings and makes you come off as a bit childish and insecure. A very outspoken fear of being a

alone and need to feel needed adds to the insecurity vibe. Cancerians love to indulge in the good things in

life, but be careful not to overeat. It could lead to constipation and other digestion problems.