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Star sign: Capricorn

Element: Earth. Ruling planet: Saturn.
Characteristics: Ambitious, driven, calculating and timeless.

Those born under the sign of Capricorn appreciate good quality things in life and generally have very high standards. That being said, you are not necessarily a big spender. Realistic and disciplined as you are, you would most likely prefer to have others pay for your luxury. All of your decisions are based on facts and logic and making bad – especially financial – decisions simply isn’t an option for you. It’s in your nature to be (overly) practical and you find nothing more frustrating than flaky and indecisive people.

Capricorns make excellent researchers and scientists. While you are very interested in the big picture, you know the real wisdom lies in the detail. As much as you enjoy travelling and exploring, you are a hard worker and love new projects. There is nothing more important to you than succeeding in the workplace and in life in general. A fast pace is the only pace for you, but surprisingly enough when it comes to bureaucracy you never see an obstacle slowing you down, but more of a necessity and order. Be careful not to demand too much of your colleagues who can’t keep up.

Despite your logical way of thinking you are actually likely to be superstitious. When it comes to spirituality and the inner self, Capricorns are usually modest and often religious, with a strong sense of morality. Yet you are willing to change your system of belief if you see personal advantage to yourself in doing so.

Good traits: Strong personality with a positive outlook on life. You seem to know exactly how to balance loyalty with independence. You will fight for any cause you believe in and stand up for the weak. When you show off you witty side, people around you enjoy your intellectual and dry sense of humour. In affairs of the heart, you tend to be guarded, but once someone finally breaks through the fences you’ve built for yourself, they will know it was worth it.

Less good traits: Stingy and selfish. Most Capricorns are overachievers. You tend to overwork and not spend enough quality time with those who truly matter. Be careful not to sacrifice health and relationships for a new project. When your rebellious and restless soul gets the better of you, you can be impatient and impulsively angry. Sometimes you seem numb on the outside, while everything is a mess on the inside. Despite being family-oriented and likely to be the one looking after the elderly in the family, Capricorns in general can be seen to turn the back on family and friends if they are not supportive enough or give you what you need.