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Star sign: Leo

Element: Fire. Ruling planet: The sun.
Characteristics: Generous, protective, organised and beautiful.

A born leader, you love to take control and your ability to bring out the best in others leads to loyal team members and friends alike. The word ’doubt’ is not in your vocabulary. You tend to think and act bigger than others dare. You always see the big picture, but don’t pay as much attention to detail. Manual work is not really your thing. You prefer to take charge of others carrying out the job. While your lust for power makes you prone to take on to much responsibility at times, you certainly know how to relax too and have a very outspoken passion for luxury.

Those born under the sign of Leo need a lot of compliments and attention to feel loved. You thrive on flatter and love nothing more than to see heads turn when you walk into a room. While your confidence and charisma is attractive to others, be careful not to come across as too self-absorbed.

Being a fire sign you come across as passionate and warm-hearted. You are likely to be very idealistic and always a critical thinker. It might not be exposed to everyone around you, but there is a deeper philosophical, and sometimes religious, side to you too.

Good traits: Courageous, ambitious, self-confident and strong willed are all words that friends and colleagues would be likely to use to describe you. You know what you want and you usually get it, not least career-wise. You come across as intelligent, yet uncomplicated. People want to be lead by you, Leo. While being disciplined and an excellent organiser might have something to do with it, the real reason is more likely to be your outgoing, genuine and trustworthy personality.

Less good traits: Being dominant, proud and seemingly independent might come off as arrogant and self-absorbed sometimes. In affairs of the heart, with you, it’s all about feeling loved and appreciated. You are very passionate and others are easily attracted to you and since you have so much love to give you might find it hard to be in a monogamous relationship. Be careful not to cross the line and end up in a really bad break-up or even divorce if you are married. Deep don’t you fear loneliness and you need your family and friends more than anything.