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Star sign: Libra

Element: Air. Ruling planet: Venus.
Characteristics: Well-balanced and righteous with a strong aesthetic sense.

Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, you have a very loving and giving nature. You take relationships very seriously and know they require just as much – if not more – attention as your career. The hopeless romantic in you loves to be spoiled and you enjoy spoiling your partner too. In your world love and marriage goes hand in hand. A wedding is definitely in the books for you! If you didn’t marry young, you are probably not in a rush though. Waiting doesn’t scare you, because you know the right one will come along eventually.

As a Libra you always seek balance in all aspects of your life and most of the time you know how to find it, but it requires a lot of thinking and weighing the pros and cons, doesn’t it, Libra? For this reason your decision-making process may seem lengthy and overly detail-oriented to others. However they can rest assured that the decision you make in the end is the best for everyone involved as you always strive for fairness and will have taken everything into consideration before that decision was made. You apply your high moral standards and ethics to anything work-related too. It is very unlikely for a Libra to thrive in a sales position unless you truly believe that what you are selling will make life better or easier for the people you are selling it to.

Yoga, meditation, swimming and other activities that calm the mind and body are very beneficial for you.

Good traits: You are always optimistic and possess an admirable intuitive sense of justice. You are a real charmer and a true ‘people person’ – if anyone knows how to host a party and make the guests feel comfortable and entertained, it is you!

Less good traits: Despite your innate sense of justice you hate conflicts more than anything and always try to avoid them. Sometimes a good argument is needed to clear the air Libra. The only part of your life that you might struggle to balance is your financial situation. Be careful not to put yourself into debt, because of your love of luxury – you tend to act on your impulses when you see something you like.