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Star sign: Pisces

Element: Water. Ruling planet: Neptune.
Characteristics: Sensitive, passionate, likeable and energetic.

Pisces, you are a dreamer! Sometimes your dreams do come true, but mostly they stay just vivid daydreams. However you do accomplish a lot during your lifetime. You are an extremely loyal friend and the kind of person that will hold on to the same job for decades. Your spirituality and creativity is strong and several times during the day your thoughts will wander off and take you to a secret, mysterious place that only you know of.

Being the most sensitive and intuitive of all the signs, you tend to know exactly how others are feeling. And oh boy, are you feeling it Pisces. You have a tendency of carrying all the weight of the world on your shoulders. Even when there is really nothing to be worried about, you worry about not worrying. That being said you are not easily pushed over and you can be very convincing. Some might find it hard to really get to know you, but once they do they realise that you are a true friend and will always be there for them. The only thing that could come between you and your loved ones would be if you run off and join a cult.

Good traits: Empathic and caring. You often get exactly what you want, because you read others like an open book and use it to your advantage – without anyone getting hurt! The last thing you want is to see someone suffer. Caring for others and helping those in need is your number one personality trait, but somehow you seem to hide it from the masses. Only those who are really close to you will know this about you.

Less good traits: You worry too much Pisces! Be careful not to come off as neurotic. Your tendency to overthink everything blocks your creativity and keeps your brilliant ideas from being realised. Don’t forget to come up to breathe sometimes Pisces. Allow the other signs to help you make decisions and see to it that your dreams don’t stay just that. A little courage and risk taking wont kill anyone. Too many personalities in one room can be overwhelming for you, because you feel all of them so strongly. When it comes to social activities, you thrive in a more intimate environment and being around close friends and family is where you are happiest.