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Star sign: Sagittarius

Element: Fire. Ruling planet: Jupiter.
Characteristics: Happy-go-lucky, spiritual, creative and adventurous.

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are spiritual truth-seekers. You feel drawn to philosophy and religion and have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and finding answers, especially when it comes to understanding the meaning of life. ’To travel is to live’ seems to be your motto. You are a curious wanderer and have a very strong desire to travel to remote destinations and explore the local traditions, history, cuisine, languages and cultures and not least meet inspirational people along the way. You truly believe that life is and should be a lifelong journey – metaphorically and literally speaking – of learning. The outdoors is where you feel happiest and closest to the universe and your true self.

Being a critical thinker and a born conversationalist, you always enjoy a good discussion about anything and everything. You are very outspoken and eager to share your beliefs and explorations with others, which makes you a great teacher or philosopher, although you have a tendency to exaggerate at times. You like to surround yourself with like-minded intelligent people. Although you do not necessarily need people to share your beliefs, you do appreciate it when someone agrees with your well-thought-out point of view.

The Sagittarian-born are know to be brutally honesty people and if anyone can get away with it, it is your charming self, but be careful not to step on someone’s feelings with your words. You have a kind heart and would never intentionally hurt anyone. In fact Sagittarians make excellent friends and partners. As long as you feel free and easy everything is fine and dandy, but you refuse to be tied down by anyone. Your romantic partner needs to be a free spirit like you and open to change and adventures. The one thing you dread the most is the treadmill. A routine-based everyday life is definitely not for you. The more adventurous and exiting the better, right Sag’? You love competitive, challenging and unusual sports like climbing, scuba diving, solo-travel around the world in a boat, horseback riding and bungee jumping or mentally challenging games like chess.

Procrastination is your Achilles heel. Although you are the master of coming up with great plans and ideas for your next adventure, you are easily distracted and will often fail to carry out what you planned. Somehow it doesn’t seem to bother you as much as it frustrates those close to you. Sometimes it might be better not to tell them what you are planning until you are ready to put your words into action, but telling you not to speak your mind is like telling the sun not to shine – mission impossible!

Good traits: You are a fun-loving, enthusiastic and outgoing individual. Friends enjoy your wicked sense of humour and benefit greatly from your generous and just nature. You will go to great lengths for the ones you love and a favour is not necessarily something you believe should be returned – your kindness is selfless. Your optimistic and positive take on life is refreshing and inspiring to people around you.

Less good traits: You are always on the search for something and never really seem satisfied with where you are or what you’ve got, but the grass is not always greener, Sagittarius! You get impatient and difficult if you feel caged or restricted in any way. Tact is not really in your nature and you sometimes end up hurting people when you speak your mind bluntly. You were born under a lucky star, but be careful not push your luck too far and end up in gambling mania!