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Star sign: Scorpio

Element: Water. Ruling planet: Pluto.
Characteristics: Passionate, demanding, reflective and loves extremes.

You may not know it yet, Scorpio, but you are a very powerful creature. Once you learn to rise above your immediate reactions and emotions, you will know how to make the best of your powers and become even more powerful. At times you will struggle to balance your desire for love and your desire for power. Knowing how to balance the two might be the most important accomplishment in your life. You are what they call “an old soul” and if you felt more mature than your peers as a child, you should know that you were probably right. Despite being very intellectual, being a Scorpio you are also likely to believe in fate.

People trust you with their inner thoughts and deepest secrets, and you are never one to gossip or blurb out someone else’s business. You will always stand up for your loved ones and guide them through hard times. Because you are such a true and loyal friend yourself, you expect nothing less from others. Although most people won’t know this about you, you are actually quite sensitive and your emotions run very deep. At the same time you won’t let anyone hurt you unless it is someone you truly love and respect. If someone close to you ends up hurting your feelings – intentionally or not – so help them God! You will give them your poisonous scorpion sting and most likely hold a grudge against that person for decades.

Although Scorpios often like to do extreme sports, your idea of a perfect night will often be a night in and preferably on your own. A little peace and quiet is required at times for you to calm your sensitive soul.

Career-wise, you don’t like to play by the rules – you make the rules! You are a creative genius and a great problem solver. You see the big picture, yet stay mindful of the details.

Good traits: Brave, intellectual, listen to your intuition (it’s usually spot-on), a loyal friend and lover, very creative, resourceful. You posses a strong ability to read other people’s needs and guide them through great transformations, but make sure you don’t forget your own needs – stay focused on doing what makes you happy too!

Less good traits: What you see is rarely what you get with you, Scorpio. You are suspicious and very secretive which makes it hard for others to get to know you. You seek revenge and can be rather aggressive when rubbed the wrong way.