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Star sign: Taurus

Element: Earth. Ruling planet: Mars.
Characteristics: Reliable, down-to-earth nature-lover. Likes to be in control, indulge and provoke.

Most days you seem very calm, confident and easy-going. At the same time you are probably the most stubborn of all the signs. If someone tries to push you around, you will refuse and show stubbornness as strong as… well, a bull! While the true reason for your stubbornness is mostly rooted in fear of change, others tend to see it as an obnoxious, yet somewhat admirable, personality trait. You usually have it your way. What you really look for is stability and control in all aspects of your life. If it was up to you, engaging in a relationship should always be for life. You are extremely reliable and dependable, which makes you a great and devoted friend and spouse, but sometimes you tend to become too possessive and attached.

Love and peace of mind are the most important things to you, closely followed by food. Anything related to luxury, indulgence and pampering is highly motivational to you really, be it sex, a wellness retreat, wine, or hot chocolate. Fringe benefits are likely to motivate you more than the prospect of a higher salary.

As an earth sign you are strongly connected to nature and will benefit greatly from living in the countryside. No matter where you’ve settled down though, being in the comfort of your own home is where you are happiest.

Good traits: You may not know it yet, but you are a great cook! However your love of food combined with the strong need for control makes you prone to developing an eating disorder. Your creative side is something to be proud of and best nourished through music, art and design. In the workplace you are not a starter, but a great finisher. It’s rare to find a Taurus procrastinating.

Less good traits: Greedy, possessive and too attached. In your world, change is far from a good thing and the slightest disruption will make you anxious. You have a tendency to hold on to things and relationships much longer than you should. Hoarders are usually born under the sign of Taurus. Your resistance to other people’s ideas and trying new ways might be perceived as laziness.