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Star sign: Virgo

Element: Earth. Ruling planet: Mercury.
Characteristics: Rational, determined, sensible, sceptical and conscientious.

Oh my Virgo! You are the embodiment of a perfectionist. You will always get things right the first time, every time, and no detail will ever be overlooked, which makes Virgos a true asset in the workplace. You love to serve, nurture and help others. If being a nurse isn’t your profession, you will still act as one every chance you get. Helping others is your number one goal in every aspect of your life, which makes you a great parent and partner. Be aware, some might end up taking advantage of your empathy and helpful character.

Friends would describe you as kind-hearted, fun loving, extremely caring and (sometimes a little too) honest. When you are not working out or counting calories, you love nothing better than to be around family and friends. Despite your seemingly serious take on everything in life, you definitely know how to have a good time. You probably wouldn’t turn down a party invitation, although you are most likely to prefer a night of intellectually challenging conversations or staying in with a great read.

Being an earth sign you love spending time in nature and creating things with your hands. Being on your own doesn’t scare you, as long as you know you are loved, needed and appreciated. You tend to keep yourself very busy most days and would benefit greatly and feel re-energised from a weekend in the countryside. Don’t forget to pull the plug every now and then and always think twice before taking on more responsibility.

Good traits: Your utmost strengths are your practicality, wit and attention to detail. While some might laugh at your extreme pickiness and critical sense you know who will have the last laugh. Your strategic skills would be highly valued in any team. As much as you like to take care of practical stuff and seem quite rational on the outside, there’s a dreamy side to you too. Being an earth sign you are also very creative and can turn anything you find in nature into something beautiful and artsy. Don’t be afraid to let go and show your inner self to the world Virgo. You are a lovely creature.

Less good traits: Being super cautious and a little too critical of yourself and others can have serious consequences. Health freaks and food fanatics are often born under the sign of Virgo. Your need to always strive for perfection and speak your mind (even when not asked for your opinion) can be difficult for others to handle – sometimes silence is golden Virgo! Your tendency to take on too much responsibility makes you prone to stress. It is okay to say ‘no’ sometimes!