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Monthly horoscope

Check out our monthly horoscope to get detailed forecasts, insights and understanding of the most important life events this month for you and your loved ones. Every month we bring you fresh and free astrological predictions for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Whether you want to see what’s in the stars for yourself for the coming month or analyse what’s already happened earlier this month, this is where you’ll find the answers. If you want to go further back in time and reminisce you can always go back and find the horoscopes from previous months on the site. A monthly horoscope is rarely accurate for everyone being based on the individual star sign and the planet’s positions, but you will almost certainly recognise yourself or others in some of the predictions about love, career, health and life in general in the horoscopes. Just like you know it from the daily and weekly horoscopes, you’ll find preview excerpts for each of the 12 star signs below. And naturally they are all available in time for you to prepare yourself for the coming month. Enjoy!

Choose a sign of the zodiac below to read your monthly horoscope:

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