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How to determine your star sign

Modern Western astrology originates from the earliest humans looking at the star-filled sky thinking that the changing shapes and patterns in the cosmos had to have some kind of impact on the life of earthlings. This was the beginning of astrology. The sun-sign version is the simplest and most widespread form of astrology in Western society today. The 12 constellations of the zodiac – or simply star signs – are related to the rotation of the Earth and the path of the sun, moon and planets through each of the zodiac signs in space within a calendar year. What determines your star sign is something called the Ascendant, which is the zodiac sign rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth.

All of the star signs are individually described as either active (outer-directed) and masculine or passive (self-supporting) and feminine. Furthermore the signs are divided into 4 groups represented by an element: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The divisions and elements play a significant role in understanding the fundamental characteristics and underlying meanings of the personality traits of the people born under each of the star signs. They help us understand and recognise a lot about ourselves as well as others.

The only information you need, to find out what sign of the zodiac you were born under, is your birthday. And the same goes for everyone else. If you know the date of birth for friends, family, colleagues, or others, you can easily determine what star sign they belong to. You don’t even need to know what year they were born. Have a look at all of the 12 star signs listed below with the dates they relate to and click the ones you want to read about.


• Aries 21. March – 20. April

• Taurus 21. April – 21. May

• Gemini 22. May – 21. June

• Cancer 22. June – 22. July

• Leo 23. July – 23. August

• Virgo 24. August – 23. September

• Libra 24. September – 23. October

• Scorpio 24. October – 22. November

• Sagittarius 23. November – 21. December

• Capricorn 22. December – 20. January

• Aquarius 21. January – 18. February

• Pisces 19. February – 20. March

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